Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rebekah's New Pink Room

It has taken quite a while but my daughter's room is now pretty and pink. The upper part and ceiling are Pink Bean and the main walls are Pinto Bean both Sico colours. 

For now a few pics from my phone will have to do.  There is still some organizing to do and the closet to paint. It's good to have her out of the guest room though and back happily in her own room. 

I replaced the large pink cabinet with a much needed workspace. The desk is an old plywood one that was given to us a while back. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and made a shelf using another piece of plywood. I painted the shelf and secured mason jar lids to the underside ends. I took our shell collection and placed them in the jars. With the jars in place I then added decorative craft tape around the edges. A perfect spot for all those Warrior books she loves so much.  Above I hung a magnet board that we livened up with a few stickers.

Removing the large cabinet meant loosing storage space. To make up for this I repurposed some old drawers by attaching wheels to the bottom and adding a new coat of paint. One of the drawers didn't have a handle space so a decorative knob was added.

It has been a lot of work but well worth it.  I wasn't sure of the light pink at first, thinking it was to bright and babyish but it looks great.  I'm very happy with it and Rebekah loves it so it's a job well done. I will post more detailed pictures once the closet is done. 

For now I have a renewed passion for old books. I made the mobile above the bed and have been interested ever since. The creative wheels are turning, watch out!

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