My name is Betty Susanne and I love all things handmade.  Recently I have discovered a passion for up cycling. I find beauty and art in making a discarded item useful and wanted once again.  I have always enjoyed reading and the beauty of old books. This has taken me to the art of making wreaths, flowers, and garlands from the pages of unloved books. It brings me much joy to take a book that is damaged, unwanted, and/or irrelevant and make it beautiful and desired.  I love looking at the wreaths I have made. They are like art, hanging on my wall to be enjoyed.

Since I have only so much wall space, I have started my company Betty Susanne Creative Goods so I can start to sell some of my work. I hope that you too will enjoy the items I have made. Although I currently work with books, please keep checking in as I discover new and wonderful uses for old things.

I currently live in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada with my husband and two daughters.

Photography - All photos on this blog have been taken by myself unless otherwise stated.

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