Friday, November 20, 2015

Paper Ball Ornament with Rose

I have always loved making my own ornaments.  I have made many over the years. They have been different colours and styles but all made by me and sometimes my children. I feel a real christmas tree always looks best decorated with ornaments that have been made with love. I will try to share a few of my favourites that are easy enough to make you can get the children involved.

To make these, I started with a styrofoam ball that I purchased from my local dollarstore. I took a piece of paper ribbon and made a hanging loop. I then used a straight pin (from my sewing box) to pin the loop to the ball. If it seems loose add a dap of tacky glue to secure.

The next step is to take old book pages and rip them into small pieces. I like to use the bits that are left over from other paper projects. Using a small foam brush and mod podge, glue the pieces to the ball. When the ball is covered in paper, go over it with more mod lodge to make sure it is wet. Holding the ball over a paper plate and coat with glitter. Hang to dry overnight.

To finish it off, make a small bow with the paper ribbon and attach using hot glue. Add a small paper rose to the middle if desired. Instructions for the rose are HERE.

If you would like to purchase one already made, check out my Etsy shop HERE to see if I have any in stock.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Evergreen Artisan Market

It's always good to relax after all the work that goes into a craft show like the Evergreen. It is a big event and I put a lot into making a nice display of my work. Not to mention all the work that goes into making the items.

I am always surprised what sells and what doesn't. What does well one year may not do well the next.  I was very happy to see that everyone seemed to love my owls as much as I do. All the owls that sold went to good homes. I could see that they would be loved. I will be putting the pattern on my Etsy Shop later this week if anyone is interested in making one yourself. I do have a few owls left that will go into the shop as well and will take orders. If interested, contact me through my Etsy shop or at bettysusanneATgmailDOTcom.

Another surprise was that I sold ALL of my handwoven tea towels. Since weaving is still new to me I was quite flattered that they were so well received. I am already making plans to weave up some more. I forgot to save one for myself! I really thought there would be some left over for me. 

A big thank you to all who came out to support me and all the other artisans this past weekend.