Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Making a Great Start to a New Year

It was so wonderful having my children and husband home for the holiday. It was a relaxing time filled with much love, food, family and friends. Just the way it should be.

Now they are back at work and school respectively. So it is time for me to focus back on my work. Time to think about the year ahead and what it is I wish to accomplish. First off, I need to start with an organized room. I know this may seem silly to some since all I am going to do is make a mess of it, but starting with a clean room is like starting with a clear head for me. One must get all the cobwebs out if one is to create beautiful things.

I found that when I was getting ready for my first sale last fall, that my craft room exploded to include the dinning room and living room. Very messy and very hard to have people over and not be slightly embarrassed. To remedy this, I purchased a secondhand dinning table to add to my room and hopefully keep my projects contained. Well, at least the messy ones!

Here are a few photos of my craft room.

This is of course my desk. Yes it is from Ikea for those who are wondering. We have had these shelving units for years. They have moved with us and we have used them in many different configurations. The cart is new and I love that I will be able to move it around the room as needed instead of getting stuff out and not putting it back. Their home travels with them, kinda like a turtle.

This is my little library corner. (This table used to be my only work surface.) Here supplies are organized and my books to be worked on are on display. I'm happy to have been able to give the blue prints of my house a home here. I like the look of it with all the old books. I hope to be able to work on my paper roses here.

Here is my new table, waiting for a project. It is approximately 8 feet long and absolutely perfect for crafting. You may be wondering what kind of weird art I found for above the table. Well it is my new magnetic memo board.

Isn't it lovely! I made this from the old paint lids leftover from painting the house. The board I found in a closet. I think at one time it was part of a shelf. I just glued the lids on the board, added eye hooks and picture wire to the top and that's it! The knob was there from the old memo board that was there. I decided to keep the knob and move the much smaller board to the kitchen. I can't wait to fill this up with project ideas and inspiration.

The last part of my room that I would like to show you is my bistro set.

No room of mine is complete without a comfy place to have my tea! In the summer I like to move it outside to the balcony. But since it is winter here most of the year, this is where it usually is. The light coming in the window is always heart warming.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at my creative space. I wish to spend more time here this year making beautiful things from discarded items. Check back often to see what it is I'm up to or enter your email address to get a message whenever there is a new posting. (Tip: you don't always see the spot to enter it on mobile devices. Select full view, it's on the right)

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  1. I am just finding your blog now....sigh and it's 5 years old LOL. I love love love using old books for your paper roses...I could sit and make for hours ! Thank you!!!