Sunday, October 25, 2015


It's time again for the Evergreen Artisan Market here in Prince Albert, SK. I've been busy gathering up my crafts and setting them up in my craft room. I'm very surprised that I have lots to fill a table. This year I have been doing my share of spinning but I didn't think it was amounting to much until I gathered it all up.

Doesn't it look nice? And this isn't all of it. And what about those colours? All hand dyed by me. Some were even dyed with plant material that I gathered locally. I have been enjoying this process immensely. For most of October I haven't had time to spin and feel I miss it a lot. As soon as I feel organized enough for the Market I will reward myself with some spinning.

I love the look of a nice wool braid so I tried my hand at dyeing up a few for the sale. I just love green and think these turned out beautifully. And if no one buys them I'll have more fibre to spin. It's a win-win. I also tried some pink and purples. What do you think? What colour would you want?

I've been enjoying the fibre community on Instagram lately so if you're there look me up, @bettysusanne.

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