Friday, November 14, 2014

Old Books

One of the many benefits of my attending the Evergreen Artisan Market was meeting some wonderful people. It was amazing meeting so many kind, creative people.

One of these ladies by the name of Annette, has given me the most wonderful gift. She has had these old textbooks taking up space at her place for some time but didn't have the heart to just pitch them. I feel so lucky to be in possession of such wonderful books. Over the winter I hope to slowly turn these unused and out of date textbooks into beautiful works of art to be enjoyed again.

I have been saving all of the hardcovers from the books I have used in the hopes of turning them into useful objects such as purses and notebooks.  One of the textbooks in the pile that I have received has caught my eye.  It is the most beautiful little economics book in the most wonderful shade of blue. I have hopes of turning this little treasure into a cute little clutch purse.

As I slowly clean up all my crafting mess, I think I will take a wee break from paper for a bit and try a bit of sewing.

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