Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Year Ahead

I have been quite busy the last two years, too busy per say to do much in the way of creative pursuits. So I am declaring 2013 to be the year I make more time for creative endeavours. I am hoping that keeping track of what I am up to with this blog will keep me on the right track.

I have recently been interested in publishing my own pattern. I have had two ideas floating around my head this past month in regards to this. I spent the day yesterday going through my yarn stash and trying to come up with something cute that I wouldn't mind making a bunch of to get it right (and using up all those bits of left over yarn would be a bonus!). So I've come up with a cute little owl.

The first attempt didn't come out quite right but I didn't give up.

After stuffing him and putting his face on this morning I'm quite happy with him.

For now I'm calling him Hootie and hope to make some more over the next month or so. This will help me perfect the pattern which I hope to share.

Please be patient as I try to figure out this blogging thing. It has taken me way to long to try to get these pics uploaded. It's going to take a while for me to figure this out.

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